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2019/04/09 11:00 PM

Day's 2019 Is Good With PyramidsSRO | ايامك أحلي مع بيراميدز سرو

New Player Trail
2019/03/01 11:00 PM

1-You Will Start Lvl 1 On (Town Of Darkness)
2-How I Can Get Plvl ?! ------> Bone Roc Area &Normal Attack In Town's Or Power Level From Admin Team
3-HOw I Can Get Gold ?! ------> From Collect Arena Coin's From Baghdad Mob's And Wtt For Gold Coin On Npc Area Or Make Trade Or Kill Uniqes To Get Pyramids Donation Silk (PS) And Sell It For Gold
4-How I Can Get Pyramids Donation Silk ?! ------> From Kill Uniqes & CTF & Trade Or Buy For GOld
5-How I Can Get Items D13 ?! -------> From Collect Awakin Card From Baghdad Mob's And Convert It From (Town Of Darkness) OR From Npc
6-How I Can Get Weapon D14 Nova ?! ------> From Mobs ( Mhont Killer & Hyke & Desert Thief SwordMan
7-How I Can Get Weapon D14 Sun ?! ------> From Forgetten World Or From Npc Area By Ps
8-How I Can Get Set & Accs D14 ?! -------> From Buy LC & JC Coin For Gold On Npc Area OR Accept Quest JC & LC From (Town Of Darkness)

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2019/03/01 11:00 PM

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2019/03/01 11:00 PM

Server Stats

PlayersOnline: 14/1000
ServerNow: Online

Server Info

  • Cap 130
  • Degree 14
  • Weekly Events Working!
  • Battle Arena Working!
  • CTF Working!
  • Reward To New!
  • Daily Events Working!
  • Tradegoods Working!
  • Magic-Pop Disabled
  • Alchemy Working!
  • Max Weap Opt. +20 (with Adv.)
  • Max Shield Opt. +20 (with Adv.)
  • Max Set Opt. +20 (with Adv.)
  • Max Acc's Opt. +20 (with Adv.)


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